Blogging done!


Thankfully I can see the finish line for this semester.  This is the first time I have studied three subjects and worked full time so needless to say I am hanging out for the holidays.  With only Part D of the assignment left and this last blog I will finally be able to put this subject behind me.  Don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed aspects of this course like the blogging and prac, but it has just seemed to me like there is always a huge workload for this course.  Meh, we are almost done!!

Like Zoe mentions in her blog,  I have enjoyed the blogging component of this course but unlike her I don’t think it should be a part of every course.  Will I continue to blog?  Not sure, but at least I now have a site to blog on if I choose.

Good luck to everyone still studying out there.


Dojo Points

I read Miss Ashley’s blog about her prac class using the Dojo system as a reward for positive behaviour and an incentive to complete tasks efficiently.  My Year 4 prac class also used this fabulous rewards system.  Having not used this system before, I had to quickly learn the technical side of things like which button to click to take off points for misbehaviour and add points individually or as a whole class.  The benefits were huge!  Students immediately reacted to point deductions with correcting the unwanted behaviours.  Having the image displayed on the IWB so the whole class could see the points tally was a great idea as it motivated students to earn more points.  My mentor teacher also rewarded students with prizes and stickers once the student had reached a particular number of Dojo points.  This is a system I think I will take with me to my own classroom in the future.  Although, by the time I actually graduate I’m sure there’ll be something new out there!!

Looking back, looking forward

It is now 4 days out from assignment 3 being due for EDC3100 and I am yet to make a good go of getting started, but today is the day!!  I am going to knock this one over this weekend and (hopefully) say goodbye to this course for good.

I read Meandering Musing’s post about her prac reflection.  It sounds as though some of the same ICT dramas I experienced was shared by Meandering Musing also.  I totally agree with the housework not getting done comment! This time of the semester everything is on hold!!

Wish me luck that I can pass this course and move on to the next subject.  That will bring me one step closer to my degree…….

Go Me



I am feeling a little chuffed with myself right about now.  For the first time ever, I have designed and created my own web page.  Go me!!!!

The web page was for another USQ course I am doing (CSC1402 Foundations of Computing) and creating a web page is one of the final assessment pieces.  I have one dreaded exam for this course to go so fingers crossed I can pass!

My web page may not be the fanciest and technologically advanced creation, but for me I am just pleased with myself that I managed to create something.  If I can figure out how to put the web page address up here, I will add it in case any of you are desperate for something to do.

Here is the link. I think you have to copy and paste the following into your web browser:

C:\Users\Leah\Documents\Uni Sem 1 2016 CSC1402\Leah Sargeant U1049012 Ass 5\Leah Sargeant U1049012 Ass5.html



Prac Completed!!

What a big 3 weeks!  I had so much fun on this prac compared to my last prac experience.  My Year 4 class were a delight to teach and be with and my mentor teacher was full of great advice and we have become quite good friends after our 3 weeks together.

I read Miss Ashley’s blog wherein she wrote her prac experience this time around was one of her most enjoyable! I feel the same.

Time to focus on getting myself organised to complete Assignment 3 and say hooray to another semester of uni.  If I am honest, I am really feeling the strain this semester and cannot wait for a break.  Good luck to you all, we’re nearly there!!

ICT is the enemy

Frustrated!  That is how I was feeling during and after a lesson I taught last week on prac.  Since my year 4 class only has ‘Tablet Time’ once per week for 45 mins, my options for including interactive activities in my lessons have been limited.

So, I designed a lesson for Tablet Time last week that would have my students entering data (from a previous lesson’s task), into an online program called Create a Graph from Kids Zone learning with NCES and create their own graph.  It would be fun and quite easy I thought.  Well, it might have been except for the fact that half of the students couldn’t remember their passwords or their internet was not working properly for some unknown reason.

I had a little chuckle to myself whilst reading Miss Ashley’s blog telling how her well-planned lesson ended up not going quite according to plan.  I felt the same way.

Fingers crossed for this week’s Tablet Time running more smoothly.

Cloud Nine

So we are half way through 3 weeks’ prac and at the moment I am thoroughly enjoying the whole experience!  I am teaching a year 4 class who are all beautiful and my mentor teacher is just lovely.  To say I am very thankful is an understatement!  Compared to some of my previous prac experiences, this one is like being on cloud nine.

There is however, the slight issue of not much ICT use going on in the classroom which leaves me concerned about Assignment 3 but I can only do what I can do.

I have just finished reading Sharaya’s blog about her day on prac – not so much fun with student meltdowns and tired teachers.  She says her prac falls on assessment week and I too am experiencing the same.  Given the fact we are in week 7 of term 2 and report cards are coming up all too fast, teachers are focussed on assessment.  This is a reality of teaching and what we, as future educators will be faced with when we are out there teaching.

Bring on the last half of prac!

Week 1 of PE done!



Pooped! Absolutely pooped!  This is me right now after my  first week on PE.  Don’t get me wrong, I am having an absolutely terrific time but it is all very tiring.

My mentor teacher and class are wonderful.  There are no real behaviour issues except for the fact that they all like to chat too much!

I was reading through Amanda’s blog and totally related to her feeling of helplessness in relation to IWBs and internet connections.  I too have an IWB that does not want to co-operate and only functions as a projector.  My students only receive ‘tablet time’ 1 hour per week and most of that is taken up by resetting passwords!

I am thoroughly enjoying my time in the classroom but am a little anxious about assignment 3 as I only have very limited opportunities for ICT inclusion.  ICT is simply not given priority at the school I am in.

How is everyone else feeling after week 1?




OMG!!  That was scary!

In our module this week we were challenged to take the lollipop .  I wussed out and did not take the lollipop.  I am a Facebook user but only sometimes ‘check in’ to tell my friends where I am.  After completing the module and viewing the youtube clip about the lollipop test, I will be ‘thinking before clicking’ as there are some very scary and weird people out there!

I’m glad to see I wasn’t the only one who chickened out of taking the lollipop!  I read some recent blogs from Kristen and Denise who said they didn’t take the lollipop either.  Very eye opening.



Digital Citizenship

So this week’s challenge is to write a blog about what I know about using the internet safely and responsibly.  Well, here goes…..

  • I haven’t had any experience with cyber-bullying (thankfully);
  • I haven’t had my identity stolen (phew);
  • I believe I am a responsible and ethical online user;
  • I do receive the odd spam email (very annoying).

I am feeling quite confident at the moment that I’m doing ok.  I’m sure the more I read into this module the less confident I will be…..

Next step was to take the bullying quiz.  I did very well with this quiz (3/4) correct.  I was wrong in thinking that cyberbullying is now the predominant form of bullying in secondary schools.

Now I have just completed the online cyber smart kids quiz and received full marks (yay me!).  I think this is a fabulous quiz for kids to take as it is their language and gives them realistic choices on what to do when using the internet.  Great idea!

I found this module really interesting and definitely well worth it to check my cyber safe skills and knowledge.