Week 1 of PE done!



Pooped! Absolutely pooped!  This is me right now after my  first week on PE.  Don’t get me wrong, I am having an absolutely terrific time but it is all very tiring.

My mentor teacher and class are wonderful.  There are no real behaviour issues except for the fact that they all like to chat too much!

I was reading through Amanda’s blog and totally related to her feeling of helplessness in relation to IWBs and internet connections.  I too have an IWB that does not want to co-operate and only functions as a projector.  My students only receive ‘tablet time’ 1 hour per week and most of that is taken up by resetting passwords!

I am thoroughly enjoying my time in the classroom but am a little anxious about assignment 3 as I only have very limited opportunities for ICT inclusion.  ICT is simply not given priority at the school I am in.

How is everyone else feeling after week 1?


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